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Me, take alfalfa? Are you kidding?  I thought that was for horses! At lease that is what I thought when my friend first suggested that if I’d take it, I might just get over my allergies.   Naturally I didn’t believe that because I had taken every thing everyone suggested to get over my allergies but I still had to get a shot every week!

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So I decided that I trusted my friend & I was so miserable that I would just join my equestrian friends and also feast on alfalfa! It was at least worth a try.


And in just a few weeks, low and behold I found that I was almost allergy free! Here I am 27 years later about 95% allergy free.  Hurrah for alfalfa!

                                   Billie and Bo at Christmas 2009 MG_0857

Well, let me tell you about alfalfa…….Well, I can’t vouch for any other alfalfa but Shaklee’s, because I KNOW that Shaklee’s works! I’ve heard several Nutritionists say that if they could only take one supplement, it would be alfalfa. It is called “THE GREAT HEALER” by many noted doctors, biologists, food and health authorities because it contains more of the needed essential elements than almost any other plant or substance.  It is the richest land grown source of trace minerals because the roots of this perennial plant burrow deep into the soil, probably about 25’ deep, and absorb the important trace minerals and elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and phosphorous.

I’ll not bore you by listing all the enzymes and vitamins that are in alfalfa, but instead I’ll just tell you a few of the things it does.


It is a natural antihistamine and stops those histamines from releasing, thus it helps with allergies.

It helps balance the salt system of the body and acts as a natural diuretic.

It is important in building healthy skin, both outer and inner skin and thus the skin becomes les susceptible to infection.

It has digestive enzymes so it greatly assists in digestion.

Chlorophyll is plentiful in alfalfa and thus is a body cleanser, infection fighter, and nature’s deodorizer.

It protects against hemorrhaging by helping the blood to clot properly.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and thus brings relief to arthritis sufferers or anything that has “itis” tacked on to it, or any other  inflamatory disease. People who have arthritis would do their aching joints a blessed favor by consuming some alfalfa every day.  Most patients who take 18 tablets a day (well, think of it as 2 Tbs of alfalfa!),and some extra B Complex are usually free from pain and hands are limber.


You know how much we love our cute furry pets, Stephie and Sophia, ‘cause I told you so in an earlier blog.  Well, they both get 3 to 4 alfalfa every day as it helps Sophia’s allergies, and Stephie’s seemingly arthritic condition.  And because Stephie’s joints bother her sometimes, she also gets an Omega Guard, which is Shaklee’s fish oil capsule that also helps with inflamation.  I figure “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander”. So if it helps me, which it does greatly, it will help them, too. Here are our girls last Christmas, allergy free, too!


Now do you begin to understand why our family just couldn’t live without alfalfa?

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