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Live the DREAM, Share the DREAM!

Wow!  Where has the time gone. The last time I blogged, I was about to leave for the Shaklee Global convention in Anaheim, CA, with all good intentions of sharing what I learned just as soon as I got back.  Well you how it is with good intentions, don’t you? Well somehow 2 1/2 weeks have fled by, but here I am! Today, however,  I won’t really be sharing any health tips, as I just want to share some of the pictures to give you a glimpse of the fabulous time we had.  Those invaluable (I hope) tips will come in just a few days. They said that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.  And we say that  the HEALTHIEST place on earth is with SHAKLEE people!  On a trip to Disneyland the first night seemed quite appropriate, so off we went  In search of Goofy’s Kitchen. Along the way………………….

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 005 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 012 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 010

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 013 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 014 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 008

We finally arrived at Goofy’s where the word was “Let the good times roll!” Everyone greeted us except for Mickey. Don’t know where he was off to! Our first encounter was with Pluto, but Minnie and Goofy soon welcomed us at our table. My husband was smitten with Minnie!

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 015 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 017 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 027

And before we knew it Jasmine came and stole his heart and Chip was right behind her. But for the most fun of all, check out Goofy and kids doing the twist!

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 024 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 026 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 028

Just have a glimpse of the awesome buffet at which we stuffed ourselves!

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 032 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 031 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 034 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 033 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 030

But on to the Anaheim convention center the next morning. It was spectacular as was the walk along the way.

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 035 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 037 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 044 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 039

We made time to have dinner with some of our Shaklee family from Michigan & here’s the dinner crew, my husband & I on the right. The handsome couple on the right are a couple of our “adopted kids” from Texas who always join us.

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 052 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 046

I thought you’d also like to see some of the Disney character “wanta be’s” who donned costumes for our farewell dinner and talent night. The last picture is of us just sitting without costume and watching the sights go by!

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 067 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 068 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 065

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 072 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 073 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 077

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 074 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 076 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 087

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 070 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 084 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 088

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 096 Shaklee Convention Anaheim 086

Best of all, here I am with my arm around the Owner, Chairman and CEO of Shaklee! He’s an amazing, awesome young visionary who has literally ignited Shaklee! Enthusiastic about “Living the Dream, Sharing the Dream” we bade fond farewell to our global Shaklee family and to an incredible Shaklee Global Convention until next year in Washington, DC.

Shaklee Convention Anaheim 078 39341_458197717564_648572564_6381159_1810503_n

Check out the video on Live the Dream, Share the Dream:


Have you ever had times in your life that you just wanted to cry or throw something?  Have you been so overwhelmed that you could hardly function?  When I was raising my kids, there were times that they were so…….how can I say this and have you still think I am a nice, sweet lady………obnoxious and hateful that I could almost understand how a mom could abuse her kids!  Almost. Where were those B Complex vitamins when I needed them so badly???? 

image  image imageimage

I didn’t know about those wonderful B’s then, but about 27 years ago when I was working 12 to 14 hour days and was in BIG TIME stress, a dear friend told me she had some “Happy Vitamins” that would help me cope with all the stuff in my life.  I didn’t really believe her, but I needed some help, so I thought, “Why not?”  Those small yellow pills made such a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my life that I believe they may have saved my life. They gave me “cope-ability”!


Since B’s feed the nerves, they have a profound effect on mental and emotional stability. And our immune system, our brain, our skin and our hormones NEED the B vitamins. Many cases of dementia are really a case of B deficiency. I want to hasten to say that you MUST have ALL the essential B’s in a balanced complex for them to be really beneficial.  If you take an isolated B for a long period of time, they are out of balance and you’ll have a deficiency in another B. And you must be aware that B’s, as well as C vitamins, are water soluble and you don’t store them.  They are used up rapidly, especially by stress and medications and environmental issues.  And also when we eat or drink white flour, sugar, caffeine or alcohol, we burn more B’s just to metabolize these foods.

B’s are normalizers: if you are fatigued, they help to give you energy (they convert your food to energy).  If you are hyperactive, they help you to calm down.  But I wouldn’t want to take them 2 hours before bedtime as you probably wouldn’t  be able to go to sleep!  They are usually lost in a couple of hours, by the way, and need to be replaced to keep the blood levels up. B’s seem to reduce cravings for sweets, believe it or not.  And a slight deficiency can cause abnormal heart action, constipation, and mental depression.There are many other reasons why you would want to take B’s, but it’s bedtime for me and I must get off this computer!  Of course before I close,  you must know that I have found that Shaklee’s B Complex is superior to others.  They even have one in the daily Vitalizer pack that is a sustained release B and C and releases some of both every hour for 12 hours.  It gets the right B to the right place at the right time.  Can’t beat that! 

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