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A few years ago, while driving in East Texas, we stumbled upon what I lovingly call “Peach Heaven” just East of Terrell!  That would be Ham’s Peach Orchards.


That doesn’t look so heavenly, I guess, but believe me, the peaches are divine.  It looks like they have hundreds of peach trees of all varieties! There is a sign that tells you what peaches ripen when, not that it really matters, for they are all delicious. But last week I think I got the best of the best………..yummy Freestone peaches that come right off the seeds. Just thinking of them makes my mouth water so I think I’ll just go get one as we talk. They are only open from May 15 til August 15, and in that 3 month period, they must make enough to live on the rest of the year as there are usually HUGE crowds that pour into that tiny place every day, especially on the week-ends.

One of the things that really draws people to Ham’s is they make out-of-this-world soft peach ice cream! Well, they make strawberry ice cream, too, but I’m addicted to the peach. Sometimes the line to get the ice cream is a 15 minute wait, but well worth it.  We were over last week and I meant to have someone take a picture of Bo and me eating our cones, but we were such pigs, we devoured them before I remembered.  But here is a picture of a man from Louisiana enjoying his, plus a view of both flavors!

IMG_0822 IMG_0821 IMG_0823

One good thing about Ham’s is that they have LOTS of pints of the ice cream frozen, so since we took our cooler, we loaded up on ice cream to bring home and enjoy for the next few months.  And, no, I don’t share it with visitors very much! Ham’s has so much that I can’t begin to  describe it to you.  It is one of those things you have to really see to enjoy. They have fresh peach & blackberry cobblers as well as frozen ones & fried peach pies. There all other kinds of pies, like buttermilk, pecan, etc., and pound cakes, and peach cakes!

The shelves are lined with everything you can image that one can “put up” or “can” or whatever you call it where you live.  And there is a cooler with shelled cream peas and crowder peas and snapped green beans and black eyed peas.  But the fresh fruit and veggies….Oh my!

IMG_0825 IMG_0824 IMG_0826

IMG_0827 IMG_0828 IMG_0829

So we bought some of all you can see, plus more, and headed to the car where are doggie kids waited. They like to go with us because their daddy always takes them a little bit of peach ice cream to eat, too.


Well, we have felt so pure all this week as we have eaten so many healthy things like okra and tomatoes ( those of you who aren’t from the south may not have ever had that delicacy), green beans and new potatoes, corn on the cob, cream peas with a little okra on cooked with them, fresh cantaloupe slices, peach salsa, peach spread for bread, and yes, peach ice cream.  I failed to mention that they also have a refrigerated  section that has home made salsa, pimento cheese, chicken & tuna salad ,several different casseroles they have made, and of course we got one….sour cream chicken enchiladas.  That’s for dinner tonight along with guacamole, of course.

So the health tip today is eat a lot of fresh veggies and fresh fruit, and eat ORGANIC ones when ever possible, as they much healthier! And eating them raw when you can is even better. You get all kinds of God given antioxidants from His wonderful veggies and fruit.  The dark colored veggies are simply loaded with them.  And the sweetness of good fruit just might satisfy your sweet tooth! I would caution you to try to wash them in something that will get rid of the pesticides.  I know you can buy something at the health food store, but I use Shaklee’s amazing Basic H to wash mine, because it definitely removes the bad stuff. And I would also  like you to know that you really loose some of the nutritional value of food when you freeze it.  It you buy it in cans, you not only get less nutritional value, but you also get alot of other stuff that is hidden that you might not want! It was suggested to me that it is wise to just shop around the periphery of the grocery store!  Until next time, have a healthy, happy day!


I received this “science lesson” on an e-mail and was so enthralled that I wanted to share it with you.  It has nothing to do with our health, but maybe the health of camels will count this time!


Dromedary Camel And a Creator/Designer………….INTERESTING…and amazing creatures…
(From Moody Press)

If you ever doubted that God exists, Meet the Very Technical, Highly Engineered Dromedary Camel:

dromecary camel side view

When I’m hungry, I’ll eat almost anything–A leather bridle, a piece of rope, my master’s tent, or a pair of shoes.
mouth view
My mouth is so tough a thorny cactus doesn’t bother it. I love to chow down grass and other plants that grow here on the Arabian desert
I’m a dromedary camel, the one-hump kind that lives on hot deserts in the  Middle East.

My hump, all eighty pounds of it, Is filled with fat-my body fuel-not water as some people believe. My Mighty Maker gave it to me because He knew I wouldn’t always be able to find food as I travel across the hot sands. When I don’t find any chow, my body automatically takes fat from the hump, feeds my system, and keeps me going strong. This is my emergency food supply.
2nd side view
If I can’t find any plants to munch, my body uses up my hump. Then the  hump gets smaller, it starts to tip to one side.
But when I get to a nice oasis and begin to eat again, my hump soon builds back to normal.

I’ve been known to drink twenty-seven gallons of water in ten minutes.My Master Designer made me in such a fantastic way that
In a matter of minutes all the water I’ve swallowed travels to the billions of microscopic cells that make up my flesh.
Drinking in Lake

Naturally, the water I swallow first goes into my stomach. There thirsty blood vessels absorb and carry it to every part of my body.
Scientists have tested my stomach and found it empty ten minutes after I’ve drunk twenty gallons.

In an eight hour day I can carry a four hundred pound load a hundred miles across a hot, dry desert and not stop once for a drink or something to eat. In fact, I’ve been known to go eight days without a drink, but then I look a wreck. I lose 227 pounds, my ribs show through my skin, and I look terribly skinny. But I feel great! I look thin because the billions of cells lose their water. They’re no longer fat. They’re flat.
2 camels at lake
Normally my blood contains 94 percent water, just like yours. But when I can’t find any water to drink, the heat of the sun gradually robs a little water out of my blood. Scientists have found that my blood can lose up to 40 percent of its water, and I’m still healthy.

Doctor’s say human blood has to stay very close to 94 percent water.  If you lose 5 percent of it, you can’t see anymore; 10 percent, you can’t hear and you go insane; 12 percent, your blood is as thick as molasses and your heart can’t pump the thick stuff. It stops, and you’re dead.
Funeral wreath
But that’s not true with me. Why? Scientists say my blood is different.My red cells are elongated. Yours are round. Maybe that’s what makes the difference
b;ood cell
This proves I’m designed for the desert, or the desert is designed for me. Did you ever hear of a design without a Designer?

After I find a water hole, I’ll drink for about ten minutes and my skinny body starts to change almost immediately. In that short time my body fills out nicely, I don’t look skinny anymore, and I gain back the 227 pounds I lost.
skinny camel
Even though I lose a lot of water on the desert, my body conserves it too. Way in the beginning when my intelligent Engineer made me, he gave me a specially designed nose that saves water. When I exhale, I don’t lose much. My nose traps that warm, moist air from my lungs and absorbs it in my nasal membranes.
Camel's face
Tiny blood vessels in those membranes take that back into my blood. How’s that for a recycling system? Pretty cool, isn’t it.
It works because my nose is cool. My cool nose changes that warm moisture in the air from my lungs into water.

But how does my nose get cool? I breath in hot dry desert air, and it goes through my wet nasal passages. This produces a cooling effect, and my nose stays as much as 18 degrees cooler than the rest of my body.

I love to travel the beautiful sand dunes. It’s really quite easy, because my Creator gave me specially engineered sand shoes for feet. My hooves are wide, and they get even wider when I step on them. Each foot has two long, bony toes with tough, leathery skin between my soles, are a little like webbed feet.
Foot of camel
They won’t let me sink into the soft, drifting sand. This is good, because often my master wants me to carry him one hundred miles across the desert in just one day. (I troop about ten miles per hour.)
Arab riding camel
Sometimes a big windstorm comes out of nowhere, bringing flying sand with it. My Master Designer put special muscles in my nostrils that close the openings, keeping sand out of my nose but still allowing me enough air to breathe. My eyelashes arch down over my eyes like screens, keeping the sand and sun out but still letting me see clearly. If a grain of sand slips through and gets in my eye, the Creator took care of that too. He gave me an inner eyelid that automatically wipes the sand off my eyeball just like a windshield wiper.

Some people think I’m conceited because I always walk around with my head held high and my nose in the air.
Head held high
But that’s just because of the way I’m made. My eyebrows are so thick and bushy I have to hold my head high to peek out from underneath them. I’m glad I have them though. hey shade my eyes from the bright sun.
Thick eyebrows
Desert people depend on me for many things. Not only am I their best form of transportation, but I’m also their grocery store.
Mrs. Camel gives very rich milk that people make into butter and cheese. I shed my thick fur coat once a year, and that can be woven into cloth. A few young camels are used for beef, but I don’t like to talk about that.

For a long time we camels have been called the “ships of the desert” because of the way we sway from side to side when we trot.
Some of our riders get seasick. I sway from side to side because of the way my legs work.Both legs on one side move forward at the same time, elevating that side. My “left, right left, right” motion makes my rider feel like he is in a rocking chair going sideways.
girl riding
When I was six months old, special knee pads started to grow on my front legs. The intelligent Creator knew I had to have them.
They help me lower my 1000 pounds to the ground.
If I didn’t have them, my knees would soon become sore and infected,and I could never lie down. I’d die of exhaustion.
lying down
By the way, I don’t get thick knee pads because I fall on my knees. I fall on my knees because I already have these tough pads.
Someone very great thought of me and knew I needed them. He designed them into my genes.

It’s real difficult for me to understand how some people say I evolved into what I now am. I’m very technical, highly engineered dromedary camel. Things like me don’t just happen.
Well engineered camel
They’re planned on a drawing board by Someone very brilliant, someone very logical.

John 1:1 says, “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
The Word means “logical, intelligent One.”

When we were in the Holy Land some years ago, I stood beside a camel and quite frankly, he was a really weird, ugly animal and I was  bit afraid of riding him as some of the others did. After reading about how amazingly (is that a word?) a camel is designed, I wish I had another chance to just look at him up close & apologize for the unkind words I said about him…………….still don’t want to ride him, though!

That just reminds me that sometimes we unjustly judge other people the way I judged that camel. But God loves them the same as He loves us.  We just shouldn’t make a judgment about someone by the way they look or what they wear. Look for the beauty and worth inside!

‘Til next time, have a blessed day.


Every now and then, I read something that might as well have my name written on it.  Each day I get short inspirational message from Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point ministry, and today’s message was one of those. I’m going to quote it, but I added the pictures!

“Every week on our motorways, cars plow into each other because drivers fail to yield right-of-way at busy intersections. By nature, we don’t like to yield. The word itself means ‘to give up, to relinquish, to surrender, to give way to.’ That goes against our nature; but it’s for our good on the highways. Learning to yield can save our lives and those of others.

image image image image

Route 66 is also lined with YIELD signs. The Bible tells us we’re to yield ourselves to the Lord. James 3:17 says that the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and willing to yield. Hannah Whitall Smith said, ‘In order to mold you into entire conformity to His will, He must have you pliable in His hands, and this pliability is more quickly reached by yielding in the little things than even by the greater. If your one great desire is to follow Him fully, can you not say then a continual ‘yes’ to all His sweet commands, whether small or great?’ Yes, we can YIELD at all God’s intersections. We become stronger only when we become weaker. When we surrender our wills to God, we discover the resources to do what God requires.”

image to becomeimage equalsimage

I don’t know about you, but I seem to struggle with “yielding”! I just know I know what God wants me to do and I know that I can accomplish it, so I just seem to run ahead of Him and try to do it all by myself. You know what?  That just doesn’t work and I seem to have to keep learning this over and over again.  He can see the collisions ahead of me that I would miss if I had just yielded to Him. And I am spiritually healthier when I am yielding to His will for me rather than my own.  Just another piece of the health puzzle!


What a dilemma!  Things that have sugar in them usually tastes SO good that it is hard not to eat them, isn’t it?  For instance, we went to a new Yogurt Zone last week and had some really awesome yogurt.                                                                                                                   2010-07-06 20.06.11

All those little squares below the name, plus some you can’t see, are different flavors.  Yummy in the tummy!  Then I saw the sign that told me how good yogurt is for me, and I thought, “Great! I’ll have a BIG bowl of chocolate and vanilla swirl.”  Why not?  They said that it was GOOD for me, didn’t they?

2010-07-06 20.02.24 2010-07-06 20.03.34

And since you probably can’t read it, it says:

  • can help lower bad cholesterol
  • helps to strengthen and stabilize the immune system
  • a rich source of calcium
  • may reduce the risk of high blood pressure
  • aids in overcoming skin problems & builds clear skin
  • contains active cultures that help improve the digestive system
  • may help prevent osteoporosis
  • aids in healing infections
  • excellent source of protein
  • stimulates the memory

And the picture next to it is all the goodies you can put on top of it. What they failed to mention, which I knew but ignored, is that the ingredient that makes it so delicious is SUGAR, which probably trumps the benefits of Yogurt! I have a list of 78 reasons why it is not good to eat sugar with references from medical journals & other scientific publications. I won’t bore you with all 78 or these reasons, but I will list only a few.  If anyone wants to see the whole list, e-mail me and I’ll send it to you. But here are a few:

In addition to throwing off the body’s homeostasis, excess sugar may result in a number of other significant metabolic consequences, such as:

  • can suppress the immune system
  • can cause hyperactivity, anxiety, concentration difficulties
  • can produce a significant rise in triglycerides
  • can reduce the good cholesterol (HDL) and raise the bad (LDL)
  • can play a big part in one’s getting various cancers….feeds & promotes growth of cancer cells
  • interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium
  • can contribute to cardiovascular disease
  • can increase the amount of fat in the liver
  • can cause headaches, including migraines as well as depression
  • can increase the risk of Alzheimers disease
  • can adversely affect the children’s school grades & behavior…..they get sugar highs and then they crash!
  • can cause arthritis and asthma
  • can cause candida (yeast infection)

After recalling all I knew about the evils of eating a lot of white stuff, like sugar, flour, rice, pasta, I sort of regretted eating such a big bowl topped with Heath bar bits, pecans, chocolate & caramel sauce. It was, however, absolutely delicious!  Unfortunately it would do no good to say, “Forgive me for I have sinned”. So I just prayed that I didn’t get close to someone who had some disease I might get with my compromised immune system!

And while we are talking about sugar, did you know that one 12 oz can of soda like Coke contains between 10 to 12 teaspoons of sugar?  Add that to all the HIDDEN sugar that is in just about everything we purchase that’s in a box or a can. Thus you eat several pounds of sugar a year.

image image image image image image image image

It’s kind of scary, so you switch to “sugar free” things and think you are A Okay.  Guess what……you are merely fooling yourself. From what I have learned from several Nutritionists, your body treats “non sugar” substitutes like it is sugar.  And Aspartane may be the worst! It can be like a hazardous chemical to your body. A long list of chronic illnesses have been linked to the use of aspartane, everything from ADHD to MS, and researchers say that it may be years before the symptoms occur. Splenda and Sweet and Low are not alot better.  The safest powdered natural sweetner you can use is Stevia.  It is a little harder to find, and different brands taste a little different, but it is well worth the effort and incredibly better for your health. You can also use Honey as a safe sweetner. And I want to be sure you understand that your body metabolizes fructose, the sweetner that is in fruits, differently than granulated sugar.

Does all this mean I have given up my Blue Bell ice cream and yogurt from Yogurt Zone and my Dove Chocolates forever?  Well, I wish I could tell you that I am that pure, but I am not. Every now and then I just have to eat that good comfort food, especially dark chocolate. Well, they say that dark chocolate is good for you, too, so I figure that 1 or 2 small pieces of Dove dark chocolates after dinner is okay. But it is a wiser choice to choose a piece of fruit when you want something sweet.  Granted, it may not be as satisfying, but I guess that’s how it goes…….

image image image

The name of the game is probably moderation, if you can’t quit entirely! You might like to know that a food based,BALANCED B Complex with no additives or preservatives, like the Shaklee B Complex, will help curb your sweet tooth.  Really!  More about B Complex next week.  ‘Til then, enjoy those peaches and nectarines while they last.  Our Texas ones are simply delicious!


Well, it has been been rather stressful around here lately! For one thing, on top of running my nutrition business and handling responsibilities I have in a couple of organizations,I’ve had to go to the grocery store, bank and post office regularly plus plan and prepare 3 meals a day again, and I haven’t really done much of any of that for about 30 years! Yeah, I know that most of you probably do that all the time, but not me…………I have been thoroughly spoiled by my sweet husband, who has done all those things for these 30 years! I hate to admit it, but I have actually had a lot of fun going to the grocery store……..but don’t tell him I said that!

He has had severe nerve pain in his back from stenosis, which is pinching the inflammed nerves in 8 places.  The doc said it’s about the worst back he’d seen.  That was encouraging…..So he hasn’t been able to do too much for the last few months.  We are doing an excellent job in enjoying optimal health and preventing disease, but his body is trying to tell him it doesn’t feel as well as it used to! But praise God, he is finally getting relief and at least back on the bank and post office patrol and a few grocery store jaunts.  I think, however, that he has permanently retired from the kitchen, except to eat.

The other thing that has troubled us greatly this past month, is that 2 friends that were special to us, have died, and one of them was quite sudden. Even though we know that they are in a better place now, we have grieved over the loss of these friends with their families. This has heaped more stress upon us .

Stress is a killer, if you didn’t already know this.  There are lots of things we can do to help our bodies deal with all kinds of stressors, so that we don’t get sick from the stress. I will go into some of these in a future blog.  But today I want to just share one thing I did today that has helped me have quiet peace in the midst of the chaotic stress of the past few weeks.

I decided to take a “TIME OUT” and just do as the Bible said, “Be still and know that I am GOD”. I took my “Girls” (the 2 furry pets I introduced you to a few blogs ago) in the back yard and we just sat for about 30 minutes and enjoyed hearing the birds sing and the beauty of all the flowers, as the bees swarmed over them. I decided to share some of them with you.    The picture on the left was taken in May and the one on the right was today, July 9. Wow, what a difference God can make in 5 or 6 weeks!

May 1, 2010 097 Copy of IMG_0806

Here are a couple of close ups of the Shasta Daises and the Blackeyed Susan’s, both of which started from just a couple of small plants. I’d love to share some with you if I could!

IMG_0808 IMG_0807

This is a big hydrangea.  Did you know that a hydrangea keeps the same blooms on them all summer and they change color as the summer goes on. Mine were VERY pink and now they are sort of greenish pink.  They’ll change again.  If I understand it, the content of the soil determines the color.  Mine don’t turn blue, but some do.  Don’t know what I’m lacking!  And I could dry them and they would keep their color.  Amazing plant that LOVES a lot of water.

Copy of IMG_0813

Here are a few more pictures of other plants.  I really don’t like the Canna’s very much, also they are very pretty, because they tend to just take over everything.  I transplanted some of the Blackeyed Susan’s to this bed and they take over, too.  So there is a territorial war going on in this bed. And in one of the pictures, you’ll see Sophia in the background standing guard over the front yard.

IMG_0809 IMG_0811 IMG_0810

Now, after soaking up some of God’s majesty in my own backyard, for which I praise Him greatly, all the stress of the day has just slipped away. Now I am going to either read some more in my new Elizabeth George book, or knit on my nearly finished sweater.  Can’t decide which! All these things are filling in another piece of my health puzzle that I mentioned a few blogs ago.  You see, it is IMPERATIVE that we have some down time and do something for ourselves that makes us happy in order to build and maintain our mental health. For today, mine is “peace in the midst of the storm”!  Here’s to yours.


Well, I am glad you asked because Omega 3’s offer our bodies tremendous support in so many areas. They are in deep and cold-water fish oils, and most of us  just don’t eat enough of that kind of fish! And many of the fish are so full of toxins that they aren’t safe to eat. It is VERY difficult to purify them without degradation from heat and oxidative damage; consequently there are many contaminated Omega 3 supplements out there, believe it or not!  Since supplementing with EPA and DHA, all omega 3’s, is the only way to be sure we have a beneficial amount in our systems, we have a dilemma.  Are there any out there that have been proven to be pure?

I have found one called Omega Guard that is produced with a low temperature purification process that removes harmful contaminants & is safe and pure. I will share where to get it with anyone who is interested. Here are some of the benefits you could get from these amazing Omega 3’s:

  • Reduced the risk of heart disease & stroke
  • Lower triglycerides & cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Keep blood from clotting too quickly
  • Has anti-inflammatory capabilities
  • Help with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Help with migraines
  • Help with psoriasis & eczema
  • Help with ADD
  • Help with depression/mental illness
  • Help repair myelin sheath
  • Essential for pregnancy for development of baby’s brain

I don’t know about you, but I definitely like these benefits! By the way, some of the “good fats” that are sources for the body’s necessary amounts of daily fat are monounsaturated fats like avocado, peanut, flax, olives, & canola oil.  Other choices are sunflower, safflower, corn, and soybean oils.  Saturated oils are definitely to be avoided.

Until next time, here’s to your good health!

image image image


We live in a time of rapid change that comes about because of many diverse reasons. Change is precipitated by technological advances, for one.  I remember when we had one telephone that was on a shelf on the wall & we had to stand up to talk on it.  To dial a number, we asked the operator to dial “489”…yes, that was a phone number in my home town. But we got fancy and got a rotary dial phone!  I could NEVER had imagined the evolution that was to take place that would lead to all kids having a cell and even one that could take pictures, and even give us instantaneous global communication networks! Talk about CHANGE!

image image image image

Change also comes through economic troubles, natural disasters, socio-cultural transitions, death of loved ones, break up of relationships, and on and on. Multiple times in a day, things happen that influence or change our plans. No one escapes the challenge of change, and even thought there is really an “opportunity” in change, there is something hardwired in most of us that makes us resist and resent it. I think that the first reaction to a big change is sometimes fear.

image image

But the Bible says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind” 2Thimothy 1:7. When trust that that God is in control of all our circumstances and we acknowledge that we aren’t, we just have no reason to be afraid! It is a simple choice we can make. So if we really believe that God is sovereign that He has ordained our days (Psalm 139:16), then a strong case can be made for circumstances being signposts from God: either a new direction, a new blessing, a correction,  or maybe to get our attention, or a lesson in patience, submission, or seeking God’s will. Though difficult, we should give thanks for the bad as well as the good as the Bible says “GIve thanks in all things.” There is ALWAYS a blessing somewhere in there.

At the very least, I believe that God is guiding us toward at least one goal in every circumstance, good or bad, to be more like Jesus Christ. And if our lives never changed, we would have no opportunities to grow.  So, the next time you face an unexpected change, especially an unwelcomed one, look for the blessings & opportunities hiding inside.  Change is part of God’s loving plan for us!

How does this fit into the health puzzle? Well, when we trust God in all areas of our lives, he gives us a peace that is simply beyond explanation.  That means that it isn’t all about me and I don’t have to be anxious or angry or afraid or jealous or bitter or greedy or any of those emotions that help to make me sick!  Those emotions are like a cancer within us that do immeasurable damage to our well being. God is up 24/7 and HE can handle all our woes and guide us through them so we just don’t have to worry about them!

Have a blessed and safe 4th of July as you celebrate our FREEDOM  and give thanks for America!

image image image

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