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Every now and then, I read something that might as well have my name written on it.  Each day I get short inspirational message from Dr. David Jeremiah’s Turning Point ministry, and today’s message was one of those. I’m going to quote it, but I added the pictures!

“Every week on our motorways, cars plow into each other because drivers fail to yield right-of-way at busy intersections. By nature, we don’t like to yield. The word itself means ‘to give up, to relinquish, to surrender, to give way to.’ That goes against our nature; but it’s for our good on the highways. Learning to yield can save our lives and those of others.

image image image image

Route 66 is also lined with YIELD signs. The Bible tells us we’re to yield ourselves to the Lord. James 3:17 says that the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and willing to yield. Hannah Whitall Smith said, ‘In order to mold you into entire conformity to His will, He must have you pliable in His hands, and this pliability is more quickly reached by yielding in the little things than even by the greater. If your one great desire is to follow Him fully, can you not say then a continual ‘yes’ to all His sweet commands, whether small or great?’ Yes, we can YIELD at all God’s intersections. We become stronger only when we become weaker. When we surrender our wills to God, we discover the resources to do what God requires.”

image to becomeimage equalsimage

I don’t know about you, but I seem to struggle with “yielding”! I just know I know what God wants me to do and I know that I can accomplish it, so I just seem to run ahead of Him and try to do it all by myself. You know what?  That just doesn’t work and I seem to have to keep learning this over and over again.  He can see the collisions ahead of me that I would miss if I had just yielded to Him. And I am spiritually healthier when I am yielding to His will for me rather than my own.  Just another piece of the health puzzle!


Well, it has been been rather stressful around here lately! For one thing, on top of running my nutrition business and handling responsibilities I have in a couple of organizations,I’ve had to go to the grocery store, bank and post office regularly plus plan and prepare 3 meals a day again, and I haven’t really done much of any of that for about 30 years! Yeah, I know that most of you probably do that all the time, but not me…………I have been thoroughly spoiled by my sweet husband, who has done all those things for these 30 years! I hate to admit it, but I have actually had a lot of fun going to the grocery store……..but don’t tell him I said that!

He has had severe nerve pain in his back from stenosis, which is pinching the inflammed nerves in 8 places.  The doc said it’s about the worst back he’d seen.  That was encouraging…..So he hasn’t been able to do too much for the last few months.  We are doing an excellent job in enjoying optimal health and preventing disease, but his body is trying to tell him it doesn’t feel as well as it used to! But praise God, he is finally getting relief and at least back on the bank and post office patrol and a few grocery store jaunts.  I think, however, that he has permanently retired from the kitchen, except to eat.

The other thing that has troubled us greatly this past month, is that 2 friends that were special to us, have died, and one of them was quite sudden. Even though we know that they are in a better place now, we have grieved over the loss of these friends with their families. This has heaped more stress upon us .

Stress is a killer, if you didn’t already know this.  There are lots of things we can do to help our bodies deal with all kinds of stressors, so that we don’t get sick from the stress. I will go into some of these in a future blog.  But today I want to just share one thing I did today that has helped me have quiet peace in the midst of the chaotic stress of the past few weeks.

I decided to take a “TIME OUT” and just do as the Bible said, “Be still and know that I am GOD”. I took my “Girls” (the 2 furry pets I introduced you to a few blogs ago) in the back yard and we just sat for about 30 minutes and enjoyed hearing the birds sing and the beauty of all the flowers, as the bees swarmed over them. I decided to share some of them with you.    The picture on the left was taken in May and the one on the right was today, July 9. Wow, what a difference God can make in 5 or 6 weeks!

May 1, 2010 097 Copy of IMG_0806

Here are a couple of close ups of the Shasta Daises and the Blackeyed Susan’s, both of which started from just a couple of small plants. I’d love to share some with you if I could!

IMG_0808 IMG_0807

This is a big hydrangea.  Did you know that a hydrangea keeps the same blooms on them all summer and they change color as the summer goes on. Mine were VERY pink and now they are sort of greenish pink.  They’ll change again.  If I understand it, the content of the soil determines the color.  Mine don’t turn blue, but some do.  Don’t know what I’m lacking!  And I could dry them and they would keep their color.  Amazing plant that LOVES a lot of water.

Copy of IMG_0813

Here are a few more pictures of other plants.  I really don’t like the Canna’s very much, also they are very pretty, because they tend to just take over everything.  I transplanted some of the Blackeyed Susan’s to this bed and they take over, too.  So there is a territorial war going on in this bed. And in one of the pictures, you’ll see Sophia in the background standing guard over the front yard.

IMG_0809 IMG_0811 IMG_0810

Now, after soaking up some of God’s majesty in my own backyard, for which I praise Him greatly, all the stress of the day has just slipped away. Now I am going to either read some more in my new Elizabeth George book, or knit on my nearly finished sweater.  Can’t decide which! All these things are filling in another piece of my health puzzle that I mentioned a few blogs ago.  You see, it is IMPERATIVE that we have some down time and do something for ourselves that makes us happy in order to build and maintain our mental health. For today, mine is “peace in the midst of the storm”!  Here’s to yours.


We live in a time of rapid change that comes about because of many diverse reasons. Change is precipitated by technological advances, for one.  I remember when we had one telephone that was on a shelf on the wall & we had to stand up to talk on it.  To dial a number, we asked the operator to dial “489”…yes, that was a phone number in my home town. But we got fancy and got a rotary dial phone!  I could NEVER had imagined the evolution that was to take place that would lead to all kids having a cell and even one that could take pictures, and even give us instantaneous global communication networks! Talk about CHANGE!

image image image image

Change also comes through economic troubles, natural disasters, socio-cultural transitions, death of loved ones, break up of relationships, and on and on. Multiple times in a day, things happen that influence or change our plans. No one escapes the challenge of change, and even thought there is really an “opportunity” in change, there is something hardwired in most of us that makes us resist and resent it. I think that the first reaction to a big change is sometimes fear.

image image

But the Bible says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind” 2Thimothy 1:7. When trust that that God is in control of all our circumstances and we acknowledge that we aren’t, we just have no reason to be afraid! It is a simple choice we can make. So if we really believe that God is sovereign that He has ordained our days (Psalm 139:16), then a strong case can be made for circumstances being signposts from God: either a new direction, a new blessing, a correction,  or maybe to get our attention, or a lesson in patience, submission, or seeking God’s will. Though difficult, we should give thanks for the bad as well as the good as the Bible says “GIve thanks in all things.” There is ALWAYS a blessing somewhere in there.

At the very least, I believe that God is guiding us toward at least one goal in every circumstance, good or bad, to be more like Jesus Christ. And if our lives never changed, we would have no opportunities to grow.  So, the next time you face an unexpected change, especially an unwelcomed one, look for the blessings & opportunities hiding inside.  Change is part of God’s loving plan for us!

How does this fit into the health puzzle? Well, when we trust God in all areas of our lives, he gives us a peace that is simply beyond explanation.  That means that it isn’t all about me and I don’t have to be anxious or angry or afraid or jealous or bitter or greedy or any of those emotions that help to make me sick!  Those emotions are like a cancer within us that do immeasurable damage to our well being. God is up 24/7 and HE can handle all our woes and guide us through them so we just don’t have to worry about them!

Have a blessed and safe 4th of July as you celebrate our FREEDOM  and give thanks for America!

image image image

The Optimum Health Puzzle

Everyday each of us has the opportunity to choose the kind of life we want, and my guess is that just about everyone would rank “a healthier life” close to the top of the list. And what is that? Well, I’d say health, energy, vitality, and well-being… know it when you feel it; you know it when you see it.  Healthy living is a beautiful thing and healthy people feel energized and look fantastic, and thus have a better life.

Sure, everyone would like to experience this level of health, but the BIG question is, “How do I do it?” Well, your health is the result of a lot of things……genetics, diet, accidents, stress, pollution, and most of all, your lifestyle. We must take charge of our own health and learn ways to prevent disease rather than waiting until we get something and then try to cure it. This is an easier and wiser approach, and less costly in most cases. But the journey to optimum health is like a jig-saw puzzle as it has many pieces to it.  I guess you could say that it is almost like working your way through a maze.
image image
Some of the pieces of the wellness puzzle that will help connect you to a healthier lifestyle are:

  • Exercise several times a week
  • Get plenty of sleep each night
  • Drink a lot of pure water each day
  • Get a massage each month
  • See a chiropractor regularly to keep your back in alignment
  • Don’t smoke
  • Eliminate alcohol (well, at least keep it to a minimum!)
  • Keep your weight under control, to the best of your ability
  • Stay away from Fast Foods as much as possible

But what I am most passionate about and will be talking about in future blogs are these:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Supplement your diet with the best quality natural food supplements you can find

image image

  • Proper nutrition
    image image
    And this is the way I can help you get from this:
    image image
    to this:
    image image

Twenty seven years ago I had so any health issues that I was just certain I was going to die young.  It was at one of my lowest times that God sent a friend to me that helped me choose to make a lot of lifestyle changes and to take control of my own health.  Today I take no medications and enjoy optimum health at age 81.  Our bodies are miraculous, you see.  If we give it what it needs and take away what it doesn’t need, it can prevent getting major diseases and can just about heal itself!  So as we go along this wellness journey together, I will be talking with you from first hand experience.  I pray that what I’ve learned will make a difference for you, too

Come back to see me and we can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea next time! Here’s to your health!

Backyard Fantasies

Well, I am into all the other social media stuff, so I said to myself, “why don’t you blog like everyone else does?” so here I come, ready or not as I sit on my patio enjoying all my flowers on the overcast Saturday morn, especially the beautiful roses, I am simply amazed at my Cecile Bruner climbing rose, which is supposed to be pink. Always has been. But it has gotten confused this year and part of it has become……………shall I say, “a transvestite”! There is a big branch of red roses blooming on branches that used to be pink! See for yourself.

This is my favorite time of the year as God awakens the sleeping trees and flowers and showers us again with the beauty of his magnificent landscape. God continues to amaze me! And while I’m at it, you may as well see some of God’s other pretty roses in my back yard….….they are called Knockout Roses and will bloom all summer long.  Incredible!

This is really my “Safe place” where I spend  quiet time with my Lord and Savior most every day. And  my husband and I spend many hours just soaking up the beauty that surrounds us and watching the variety of birds that fight over their places on the bird feeders. We seem to have the market on uninvited pigeons, but I guess they have to eat, too.  Squirrels also abound in our back yard,  and while they can be pests, they are really cute. And we’ve discovered that there really aren’t any “Squirrel Proof” bird feeders.  Squirrels are VERY ingenious! So we find ourselves  laughing at the squirrels as they try all kinds of ways  to beat the birds  to the food..

Before I go, I just want to say that I am passionate about enjoying optimum health………. physically,  mentally, and emotionally. What I’ve shared today feeds my soul and that’s the best and most rewarding kind of health one can have. Here’s to yours!

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